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Custom Cable Policy

This policy is two-fold:
To maintain Connectech's reputation as a leader in making custom cables and to ensure customer loyalty.

Connectech makes custom cables to computer industry standards or specifications provided by the OEM type customer.

Custom cables made to computer industry standards (our CC cables) are made to order and accepted by the customer as made.

Custom cables made to OEM type customer specifications (our CI cables) will be made under the following guidelines:

  1. Connectech will make a sample cable based on the specifications at No charge to the customer.

  2. It is the customers responsibility to inspect the cable to the extent they feel necessary to ensure that it meets their specifications.

  3. The customer will notify Connectech of any changes required. Connectech at its discretion will either change the existing cable or provide a new sample cable at no charge.

  4. Once the customer approves the sample cable it will be given a Connectech part number and entered into our system. Future orders for the cable will be made to the approved specifications.

  5. If the customer changes the specifications and request a sample cable Connectech will review the change to determine if

    1. a new Part number is required and;

    2. the price needs to be adjusted. A Sample cable will be provided and the customer billed accordingly.

All Custom Cables are warranted for a period of one year


bullet41.gif (872 bytes)  No cable will be accepted without a Return Material Authorization number (RMA#).

bullet41.gif (872 bytes)  Custom computer cable being returned is subject to a restocking charge of 20%.

bullet41.gif (872 bytes)  Custom OEM type cable is not returnable except under warranty or billable repair.

bullet41.gif (872 bytes)  Custom OEM cable being returned under warranty will be inspected by Connectech to determine cause of failure. If it is determined that the cable failed due to Material and/or workmanship the cable will be repaired at no charge.

Upon inspection if it is determined the cause of failure is due to the specifications.


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